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Dec 7, 2013 3:55pm EST
, the white house, the news media media, entertainment industry, but a and the civil-rights movement conspired to put a transparent the innocent man in prison -- present for the rest of his life. i had to ask myself why? and what i have chosen to do is to ask for basic questions why did this happen in? the second question is how transparent was george zimmerman innocent? how did these forces succeed to bring zimmerman to a trial and get him arrested? and fourth, what was the consequence of trying an innocent man and a county where he could expect a fair trial? let me start with the wise and i have to go back to the year 1920. the rest of to an italian-american gentleman arrested for the murder of a payroll clerk also an italian-american. they went to trial 1921 he was sentenced 15 years in prison nobody said anything about it that later they went to trial and had an interpreter and due process and went through the trial both were convicted in both transparently guilty. and in 19211 of the reporters the guys in this case throwback to his editor and said not much here. just a couple of
Dec 7, 2013 12:00pm EST
were in politics they wanted to be friends with her. she was interested in civil rights as well. we had a problem with a white supremicist group and she helped a group lobby to get an vote tht brought an end to the white supreme group. she was encouraged to run for governor and had the name recognition and people behind her and an a lot of things politicians would want. but she chose not to. for several reasons and i talked about them in the book. but she wasn't one to say her own name. she preferred to work behind the scenes. she was one of the people that works in the senator, congress, and governor's office to get things done outside of the political fight. i came here to be the pastor of her church 20 years ago. i tell the most fun ster story of when she took the pastor out to get accounted she took me out for a burger and beer. she asked me what i wanted to know and who i wanted to know. i didn't know then who i was talking to because she never talked about herself. i found a story of a plane crash. she was at a meeting in sun valley and in charge of a lot of national people that w
Dec 1, 2013 11:40pm EST
did everything right by the way. he made some mistakes, too. >> was the foreign policy all tied into the civil war? >> we treat the civil war appeared to in this book and i also have a chapter early on about the mexican war. lincoln was a freshman congressman in the house of representatives during the end of the mexican war in the 1840s. so lincoln was opposed to the origins of the war and one of his first speeches in the house of representatives was his very strident speech opposing the origins of the war and president polk. he became known for that speech and political opponents by the way he used it against him in later campaigns. stephen douglas used in the 1850s when he was running against lincoln in the presidential campaign as well. >> but during his presidency, what is an issue that he worked on or had the secretary of state work on, what has necessarily tied to the civil war? >> it was all tied to the civil war. the primary thing was keeping the european powers from recognizing the confederacy which could have changed the course of the war if they recognized the confede
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3